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head of foreign companies accreditation department

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Online consultation
We went to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and they said we should make corrections either to the application for accreditation or to the translations of documents. Could you specify, please, what are we expected to do?
11.10.2017 Read answer
The term of accreditation of our representative office is going to expire in January 2018. Is it any risky?
04.06.2017 Read answer
The term of temporary accreditation is about to expire, and we are preparing a set of documents for a new accreditation. However, we were told at the Trade Chamber that the resolution does not meet requirements as it is dated back in 2011, and the regulations of 2011 does not meet the new requirements either. Our representative office was opened back in 2011, and the regulations contains actual information only. It is totally unclear why the documents are not meeting the requirements. What should we do in this case?
29.12.2016 Read answer
Can you help with obtaing permisson for citizens with visa regime and permission for attraction of the foreign employees?
30.10.2012 Read answer
Can the foreign legal enity accredite and register two separate equal independent representative offices in Russia (each with their head of office, address, with separate permit for accreditation, bank account in the Russian bank), for example, one in Moscow, and the other in Saint-Petersburg?
23.10.2012 Read answer