Our Partners

«Trud» is one of the most reputable and readable public daily newspapers in Russia. Issued from February, 1921, «Trud» is one of the mass-selling daily newspapers, widely known in Russia and abroad.


Neftegaz.ru is the largest news agency of oil and gas sector, leader of oil information market since 2000. Current Russian oil and gas events are covered in the magazine and economics, geopolitics and analytical marketing reviews as well.


«FTL ADVISERS LTD» consultancy company renders legal services in the field of Russian and international tax planning.


«Komplect-Ice» company is 8 years on the market of expandable supplies for assembling of refrigerating facilities and conditioners, heat-insulating materials made of cellular rubber substance, polypropylene and copper pipes, fitting pieces, halocarbons, etc.


Core business if Arctica-SV-Project Ltd is structural engineering. The company carries out various projects: residential properties, facilities for medical and industrial purposes. The company also performs the functions of the developer.