Seminar for officers of Financial police of Kazakhstan

On invitation of the Financial police of the republic of Kazakhstan the head of legal of Law Firm PRIORITET Maria Kalinina and Vadim Sidorov (Ph.D. in finances, IESE Business school) delivered training in December for the officers. The Lawyer from PRIORITET spoke about the Russian experience in the government procurement regarding the fraud, and co-reporter spoke about global practice of stopping abuse in financial markets.

In opinion of organizers of the seminar, logic and mechanisms of fraud are similar everywhere notwithstanding the countries differences and it’s much easier to put things right in this country by dealing with mistakes from previous experience.

The new regime for national procurement between Russia and Kazakhstan is expected to be in force from the 1st of January, 2014. Though the reform is under discussion in Russia, the agreement for the Customs union is repeating the provisions of the Federal law 94. In her report Maria Kalinina provided current legal regulation of procurement, comparative analysis of the bills to be changed the Federal law 94, typical violations during the tenders and methods of their determination. 

Russian practice of elimination of winners by including them into the register of unfair suppliers sparked off a lively dispute.

in Russia you can be included into the “black register” upon the notice of the tax authorities on financial conditions of the sureties. The Federal antimonopoly service includes into this register, notwithstanding the illegality of receipt of such notice - disclosure of information to third parties. Our colleagues noted that in Kazakhstan the court only may include the supplier into the “black register” and the supplier may defend his rights in litigation. 

Tax authorities of Kazakhstan presenting on the seminar told that the provision of such notices to the Russian governmental customer will be denied. However the lawyer of PRIORITET Law firm referring to her own legal practice noted that in case of the Russian governmental customer it may be not necessary - this notices will be drafted by themselves. 

Co-reporter Vadim Sidorov made an introduction into the investment management, risk-based approach in business and most common abuses in the world financial markets.

Representatives of the National Economic Chamber of Kazakhstan, Institute of economic researches of the Ministry of Economic Development and trade of the republic of Kazakhstan, tax committee of Ministry of finances and Institute of legislation of Kazakhstan were also invited to the seminar.