Accreditation of branch office

The law firm PRIORITET provides the turnkey services on accreditation of the branch offices of foreign legal entities on the territory of Russia.

Here is the outline of working with us
  • You give us a call
    or submit us an application
  • You come to our office
    with a package of your documents
  • Accreditation of branch office
  • Lovely jubbly! You have got your branch registered!


A branch of a foreign company can be established in order to perform the kinds of activities on the territory of Russia performed outside of Russia by the headquarter and can be liquidated by its resolution.

The state control over creation, activities and liquidation of the branches of foreign legal entities is being exercised by accrediting them in the order defined by the Government of the Russian Federation.

A branch of a foreign legal entity has the right to perform entrepreneurial activity on the territory of Russia since it is accredited.

The accreditation services include:
  1. Legal expertise of the documents necessary for accreditation of a branch office.
  2. Preparing a package of documents in accordance with the Russian laws.
  3. Confirming the lists of personally accredited employees in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.
  4. Legal support of the procedure of accreditation in the Inter-District Inspectorate of Federal Tax Service of Russia № 47 in Moscow.
  5. Obtaining an accreditation certificate of a branch of a foreign legal company.
In addition:

Opening a bank account in the bank chosen by the client from the list of our partners.

Notifying a tax authority about accreditation of a branch office of a foreign company.

The documents necessary for accreditation:
  1. Establishment acts of the Company (Articles of Association, Partnership Deed, up to jurisdiction).
  2. Extract from the trade registry of the country where the Company was incorporated or the certificate verifying the register number of the Company (up to jurisdiction).
  3. Tax certificate issued by the Tax Service of the country where the Company was incorporated (containing its tax number) — the document expires in 3 months since the day of its issuance.
The documents provided by our specialists:
  1. Resolution of the Board of Directors (or another managing body of the Company) on establishing a Branch Office in Russia.
  2. Regulations of a Branch Office.
  3. Power of Attorney for the Director of a Branch Office.
  4. Power of Attorney for our specialists (empowering them to perform the actions needed for accreditation).

The foreign documents can only be accepted if legalized by a consul or a notary public and granted with an apostille (if not cancelled by the international treaties of the Russian Federation), supplied with a notarized translation into Russian, and are valid within 1 year (except for Documents 3 and 4).

The rules of accreditation have recently had many new amendments, which present far — reaching challenges. The accreditation of a branch office of a foreign company can only be passed with the legal assistance of highly skilled specialists. Once your application is revoked, you not only lose money, but valuable time as well.

Should this happen, the registry authority (Inter-District Inspectorate of Federal Tax Service of Russia № 47) keeps your documents and 120,000 Rubles of state fees. To safeguard your time and money, the law firm PRIORITET provides its services on the accreditation of a branch office.