Change of company’s title

The law firm «PRIORITET» provides the services on
  1. Making amendments into the state registry;
  2. Notifying registry authorities about making amendments into the state registry (due to changing the title of a foreign legal entity and changing the title of a branch/representative office).
Here is the outline of working with us
  • You give us a call
    or submit us an application
  • You come to our office
    with a package of documents
  • Notifying registry
    authorities about amendments
  • The amendments are made to the registry
This service includes
  1. Preparing a package of documents in accordance with the Russian laws.
  2. Making amendments to the registry of accredited branch/representative offices.
  3. Making a new seal for a branch/representative office.
  4. Notifying Federal State Statistics Service, Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and other state authorities about making amendments to the registry of the accredited branch/representative offices of foreign legal entities and obtaining new certificates and notifications.
The documents necessary for making amendments in regard to changing the title of the Company
Provided by the Performer
  1. Applications, forms, cards for changing the title of a branch/representative office

Provided by the Company
  1. Extract from the Trade Registry of the country where the Company was incorporated or registration certificate (up to jurisdiction).
  2. Original certificate of accreditation of a branch/representative office.
  3. Original certificate of registration of a branch/representative office in the Russian tax authorities.
  4. Regulations of a branch/representative office (the original document of the last edition).

Provided by the Company and based on the projects drafted by the Performer in English
  1. Resolution of the Board of Directors (or any other managing body of the Company) on changing the title of a Branch/Representative Office and approving a new wording of Regulations of the Branch/Representative Office.
  2. New edition of Regulations of a Branch/Representative Office (an original document and its notarized copy).
  3. Power of Attorney for the Director of a Branch/Representative Office.
  4. Power of Attorney for the lawyers of the Performer.

The foreign documents can only be accepted if legalized by a consul or a notary public and granted with an apostille (if not cancelled by the international treaties of the Russian Federation), supplied with a notarized translation into Russian, and are valid within 1 year.

The rules of accreditation have recently had many new amendments, which present far — reaching challenges, and such a hard procedure as changing the title of a branch/representative office can only be passed with the legal assistance of highly skilled specialists.

To safeguard your time, the law firm PRIORITET provides its services on changing the title of a branch/representative office.