Revision of documents before submission to the accrediting authority

The law firm PRIORITET has been successfully providing accreditation services for the branch and representative offices of the foreign legal entities on the territory of the Russian Federation for more than 8 years.

The rules of accreditation have recently had many new amendments, which present far — reaching challenges. The accreditation of a branch or representative office of a foreign company can only be passed with the legal assistance of highly skilled specialists. Once your application is revoked, you not only lose money, but valuable time as well.

Should this happen, the registry authority (Inter-District Inspectorate of Federal Tax Service of Russia № 47) keeps your documents and 120,000 Rubles of state fees. To safeguard your time and money, the law firm Prioritet provides its services on the accreditation of a branch/representative office granted with a written guarantee of passing this procedure successfully.

Once you have decided to prepare a set of documents required for accreditation without any legal assistance, if you have concerns about getting a positive result, we offer you the legal services of our lawyers. We will provide you with a complete package of documents drafted for application for the accreditation of a branch/representative office. Part of this service would be to have our lawyers scrutinise those documents to assess if the requirements of the Russian legislation and current rules of accreditation are met. We would assess any possible risks and offer ways to minimize or terminate them.

The most common reasons to have your documents for accreditation revoked are
  1. Non-compliance of the regulations of branch/representative office to the requirements of Article 22 of Federal Law of 09.07.1999 № 160-FZ «On foreign investments in the Russian Federation».
  2. Any errors made during the filling in the application for accreditation.
  3. Any errors regarding translated documents.
  4. Typographical errors.

Checking the documents for accreditation of a foreign company includes the examination of the documents necessary for accreditation of a foreign branch/representative office. Our lawyers will also prepare an oral/written conclusion on the results of testing the set of documents.

The documents analyzed for providing the service of checking the documents for accreditation of a branch/representative office:
  1. Establishment acts of the Company (Articles of Association, deeds, up to jurisdiction).
  2. An extract from the trade register of the country where the Company was incorporated (up to jurisdiction).
  3. A tax registration certificate issued by the tax authorities of the country where the Company was incorporated (containing the Company’s tax code).
  4. РA decision of the Board of Directors (of another Management body of the Company) on establishing a new branch/representative office.
  5. Power of Attorney for Head of the branch/representative office.
  6. Regulations of the branch/representative office.
  7. A filled application form for accreditation (№ 15-APF).
  8. Other documents for accreditation.