New services of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and Federal Tax Service for work with foreign companies


Evgeny Voronov,

There are new services on the websites of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (CCI) and the Federal Tax Service. In the future they will be able to optimise the interaction of applicants and employees of the Chamber of Commerce and the tax service.

For the foreign companies opening representative offices and branches in Russia, it is now possible to fill out an application to certify the number of foreign employees of a branch / representative office of a foreign legal entity on the website of the CCI..

This service is designed to review documents and obtain information from applicants remotely and pursues several goals. First of all, the CCI staff will now need less time to enter new information into the CCI database. In addition, when drafting an application, it is possible to attach scanned copies of documents for the accreditation of a branch / representative office. This is an option for all the representative offices and branches located far from Moscow for more prompt certification of the number of employees. This is also useful for those foreign companies whose employees are for some reason not in Russia.

However, the service needs to be improved: for example, an applicant is offered to choose the activities of a foreign legal entity in accordance with the Russian classifier OKVED, and it is of an outdated version at the moment. Besides, an attachment of the scanned copies of documents is optional, and in the near future the CCI will be certifying the number of employees based on the provided originals and copies of the documents for accreditation.

It is now also possible to fill in a questionnaire for issuing a temporary certificate of personal accreditation of a foreign employee on the website of the CCI.

At the same time, the applicants who fill in the questionnaire on the website pay a fee of 5,000 rubles, while everyone else pays 6,000 rubles.

If an autobiographical questionnaire is filled in electronic form, the issuance of certificates of personal accreditation is carried out faster and at a reduced price. After filling out the information, the applicant is assigned a reference number, which is required to be indicated in a written application for the personal accreditation of a foreign employee. Filling in an electronic form with autobiographical data is possible only if information about the branch / representation of a foreign legal entity is already submitted to the CCI. Thus, for the personal accreditation of employees, first of all, it is necessary to provide all the data of the foreign entity upon certification of the number of foreign employees of the branch / representative office.

The cost of certificates of personal accreditation for 3 years is still 5000 rubles.

There is also a service on the Federal Tax Service website that allows you to apply for the status of a tax resident of the Russian Federation:

When using this service, you are able to:

  • fill in an application for the submission of a document confirming the status of a tax resident of the Russian Federation;
  • register and send a filled application to the tax authority;
  • receive information on the status of processing this application with the tax authority if requested on the Federal Tax Service website;
  • receive the result of processing the application — a document confirming the status of a tax resident of the Russian Federation or a refusal.

This service allows you to remotely obtain the status of a tax resident of the Russian Federation, which in the future will have only positive consequences for both applicants and employees of the tax service.