Minimization of risks
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Regulation of business risks is an important task. We are perfect not just at foreseeing the possible consequences, but at preventing them as well. Whether it is getting into a contract or performing registry actions, we do it considering the possible undesirable situations.
Comfort of working
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We are committed to arranging the best conditions of working for our clients with their counterparts and state authorities and help them not just register, but do their business as well. Being conditioned by the growing interest to the public procurements, we have developed tender consulting and reached a deal with a plenty of banks on providing bank guarantees with favorable terms.
Working with foreign clients
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Our specialists are the fluent speakers of foreign languages, this is why we are able to provide such services as registration/liquidation of foreign companies, accreditation of foreign representative offices etc. It is no hard for us to find a way to communicate with any partners.
Broad professional experience
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9 years of successful working. The company’s personnel is 63 employees. We are proud to be included into the number of the leading Russian law firms according to the reputable rating of “Pravo.Ru-300” and into Top-50 of the Russian law firms according to the newspaper ‘Kommersant’.
Securing the business
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We are able to solve any legal matter you would have to face, to draft all necessary documents, to register a company, to obtain needed licenses, to draft a sue and a contract correctly, to secure your interests in a court and grant you with legal support on tenders. Our lawyers are much experienced at the public procurements and able to figure out the ways of helping a company in the situations like being named to the “black” lis” of suppliers. PRIORITET also provides qualified accounting services for your business. Combined with legal support, it is obviously a strong support for your financial operations.
Caring about clients and nice conditions
Pro bono is a part of our work. We inform our clients weekly about all processes and results having the range of our services always expanding and making the terms of our cooperation more flexible and comfortable, because our relations with Client are on the top of anything else. All services and calculations are absolutely transparent.