Why is it worth to contact the law firm PRIORITET?
  1. Get a full range of services.
    You can enjoy the full range of our services on the accreditation of the branch/representative offices of foreign legal entities. Accounting, legal and personnel support will be on us.
  2. Get a guarantee.
    You get an exact date of passing the procedure of accreditation having it arranged in a contract, so you know exactly when you get a result and feel sure to plan the expansion of your business.
  3. Feel free to trust us and our experience.
    We have been working with the clients from around the globe (from more than 50 countries) and have accredited more than 300 branch and representative offices, and many huge corporations with more than 100 years of history are among them.
  4. Your personal lawyer.
    One of our lawyers will be in touch with your business demands doing all work regarding accreditation, and you will be able to communicate directly with him and get all your questions answered.
  5. Make sure we do our best.
    We are in the Top-50 of the biggest Russian law firms. This is a result coming from the way we treat our clients — come and see.
  6. Speaking English.
    We have the English-speaking specialists who are able to freely communicate with HQ representatives.
  7. Working fast.
    We are working directly with registry authorities without help of subagents.
  1. We help you get a legal address (in case you do not have it yet) for accreditation.
  2. We consult you on opening a new bank account for a branch or representative office.
  3. We get paid for our services in any comfortable way for you.
  4. Once you have ordered some services, you get a flexible pack of discounts.

If you choose us, you can be sure the procedure of accreditation will be passed successfully in the time arranged in your contract.