Work permist and work visas (standard)

Preparation of documents to obtain a personal work permit

RUR 5000 + state duty
RUR 2000 / 1 employee

20 business days
Obtaining permission to the PIER

RUR 25 000 + state duty
RUR 6000 / 1 employee

110 business days
Employer Accreditation

RUR 15 000

Invitation for a single work visa

RUR 12 000 + state duty
RUR 500 / 1 employee

Notification of tax authority

RUR 5000 / 1 employee

Medical certificate

RUR 7500

Registration notification

RUR 5000

Employment contract

RUR 7000

3-5 business days

Law Firm «PRIORITET» performs «turn-key» legal services on obtaining work authorization documents for the foreign nationals arriving to work in the Russian Federation.

Our services on obtaining work authorization documents shall include the following:

Basic services:

  • Preparation of the set of documents in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation
  • Notification of the local employment authorities regarding the vacant position existing; initiating the search for Russian nationals appropriate for the vacant positions to be executed by employment authorities (procedure is mandatory under the legislation)
  • Obtaining an employment permit giving the right to hire foreign employees
  • Obtaining the individual work permits for the foreign employees hired to work in Russia
  • Obtaining the letters of invitation for the foreign employees to enter the Russian Federation for the employment purposes
  • Converting single entry work visas into multiple work visas
  • Migration registration of the foreign nationals (upon their arrival)
  • Notification of the relevant state authorities on the fact of employment of the foreign employees

Additional services:

  • Obtaining migration quotes / correction of the quotes
  • Obtaining personal accreditation cards for the foreign employees from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the State Registration Chamber under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (applicable to representative and branch offices of foreign companies)
  • Registration of the companies-employers as the inviting parties with the Federal Migration Service of Russia (applicable for the Russian legal entities); extension of such registration