Registration of the limited liability company (Moscow)

RUR 7900

13 business days
Registration of the limited liability company in Moscow region

RUR 10 900

15 business days

Registration of the limited liability company includes:

  • advising on incorporation and registration of the limited liability company;
  • preparation of package of documents for registration;
  • accompanying the Client to the Tax authority;
  • registration of the company in Federal tax service;
  • assignment of statistic codes (within 7-10 days upon registration);
  • making a seal for the company;
  • making a list of initial participants

Documents required for the registration of limited liability company:

  • passport copies of the founders and the general director;
  • copies of Tax identification code (if available) of all founders and the general director;
  • presence of one of the founders who will be an applicant on registration procedure (with original passport) in notary office and tax authority;
  • documents for legal address (letter of guarantee from the owner).

Compulsory payments

  • notary services for certifying the 11001 form (application for state registration of incorporation of the legal entity) — about RUR 1000;
  • state fee for registration — RUR 4000.

Additional services:

  • receipt of notices from funds (Social insurance fund, Pension fund) — RUR 2000 for both funds;
  • opening a bank account — RUR 3000;
  • provision of legal address — price to be agreed with the owner.

We also provide additional VIP-services for clients with minimal involvement of the founder into incorporation procedure.

You get the following documents upon registration:

  • certificate of state registration (state registration number);
  • tax certificate (certificate of tax identification number);
  • resolution of incorporation;
  • articles of association;
  • letter of appointment of a director;
  • letter of appointment of chief accountant;
  • appraisal report for property contributed into the share capital;
  • act of acceptance for the property placed on the balance sheet of the сompany;
  • list of participants;
  • lease (sublease) agreement or joint venture agreement (while purchase legal address);
  • copy (certified by notary) of ownership certificate;
  • banking services agreement and access to Bank-client system (while opening of bank account was ordered);
  • notices from the Pension fund and Social insurance fund (if ordered).

The seal will also be transferred to the client with full package of documents.

Timing: 8 days