Verification of documents to be submitted to the accrediting authority

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Verification of the final set of documents for the accreditation of the branch / representative office and verbal conclusion of PRIORITET Law Firm experts free of charge

PRIORITET Law Firm has successfully provided accreditation services for branches of foreign legal entities in the Russian Federation for more than 10 years.

Since there are constant changes in the accreditation rules legislation, such a complicated procedure as accrediting a branch of a foreign company can be completed only by qualified legal specialists. According to a RBC (RusBusinessConsulting) study, every 10th foreign company faces refusal in accreditation. In case of a refusal in accreditation, you lose not only money, but also precious time.

Please note that in case of refusal in accreditation, the registration authority (RF Federal Taxation Service Interdistrict Tax Inspectorate No. 47) does not return documents and the state duty of 120,000 rubles. To save your time, money and to complete the accreditation procedure, PRIORITET company offers its services on accreditation of the representative office and the branch.

If for any reason you decided to independently prepare the set of documents for accreditation without involving qualified specialists, but you have concerns about the result, we suggest you make use of the services of our lawyers to verify the final set of documents for accreditation of a branch/representative office.

As part of this service, our experts will analyze the set of documents you have prepared for compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and the current Accreditation Rules, identify possible risks (if any) and suggest options for minimizing or eliminating them.

The most common reasons for refusal in accreditation are
Inconsistency of the Regulations for the branch / representative office with the requirements of Article 22 of Federal Law dated July 9, 1999 No. 160-FZ “On Foreign Investments in the Russian Federation”.
Mistakes made when completing the accreditation application form.
Misprints in the translation of Company documents.
The document verification service for accrediting a foreign company includes:
  1. Examination of documents required for accreditation of a foreign branch/representative office.
  2. Preparation of an verbal/written conclusion on the results of verifying a set of documents.
Documents analyzed as part of document verification services needed for accreditation of a branch / representative office:
  1. Charter documents of the Company (Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, depends on jurisdiction).
  2. Extract from the commercial register of the country of origin of the Company or Certificate of registration of the Company (depends on jurisdiction).
  3. Certificate of registration of the Company with the tax authorities of the country of origin (containing an indication of the tax number of the Company).
  4. Resolution on accreditation
  5. Power of Attorney for the Head of a representative office/branch.
  6. Regulations for the representative office/branch
  7. Completed application form for accreditation (form No. 15-APF).
  8. Other documents of the Company for accreditation.
The following employees of our firm will help you verify the documents:

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